Crypto Wallet
November, 6-8
Online blockchain hackathon
Powered by Bitgesell
What is Crypto Wallet Kickstart?
Online blockchain hackathon powered by Bitgesell with aim of creating a cryptocurrency wallet for the Bitgesell platform.
Digital currency with a built-in increase of scarcity over time by burning 90% of transaction fees.
Several consensus parameters are adjusted to provide faster blockchain economy evolution (focused on rarity). The codebase is derived from Bitcoin.
Here are some main points:
- Fully decentralized;
- Officially launched 04/04/2020;
- Community-backed mining pools, block explorers;
- Traded on 4 exchanges and listed on CoinMarketCap;
Event language: English
Participants location: Whole world
Why to participate?
Deep dive in blockchain technologies and solve a community problem
Network with the best in blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Compete for a great prize pool 30 000$
Get merch and promo codes for food
Hackathon tracks
Desktop wallet
Develop Cryptocurrency Wallet as web app
Mobile wallet
Develop Cryptocurrency Wallet as mobile app
Pain and problem description
Currently to have a wallet and make BGL transactions user should run full node. It's server-oriented, and has no modern features like mnemonic seed.

There are many wallet solutions for both desktop and mobile that support BTC, and many of them are open-source. Getting wallet software to support BGL would provide more accessibility and ability for more users to play with it or use it.

30 000 USDT
1st place – 10 000 USDT
2nd place – 5 000 USDT
Prize fund
Desktop wallet
1st place – 10 000 USDT
2nd place – 5 000 USDT
Mobile wallet
Wallet implementation points to check:
[50] transactions can be sent (base feature)
[10] is it cross-platform (linux/macos/windows for desktop or android/ios for mobile) [25] private keys are stored on user-side only
[10] shows transaction status and confirmations
[5] shows transactions history
[10] does it require custom backend or a regular node is enough
[10] supports new wallet creation
[20] supports mnemonic seed in wallet creation
[10] stores wallet data in encrypted format
[5] supports dump or backup in plain format
[5] can generate receiving address
[5] can aggregate smaller UTXOs when making payment
[20] UI (voted by jury) from 1 to 20

1) You must score over 100 points to be eligible for the prize pool
2) If less than 5 teams score 100 points, the prize fund may be revised

And we are waiting for applications from everyone who is interested in the hackathon theme!
Who can participate:
Participants selection
Participants announcement
Crypto Wallet
Award ceremony
October, 19 - November, 3
Application deadline: November 3, 23:59, GMT +03: 00
November, 4
November, 5
November, 6-8
November, 8
Participants selection: until November, 4
Inviting selected teams to the hackathon: until November, 5
The main hackathon program: November 7-8
Bitgesell experts will evaluate the best solutions and award the winners
Application submissions
Hackathon stages
23:59, GMT +03:00
Check-point №1

Check-point №2
11:00 –

15:00 –
November, 7
Check-point №3

End of coding


Winner's reward ceremony
11:00 –

16:00 –

18:00 –

20:00 –
November, 8
GMT +03:00
Opening & Q&A session
19:00 –
November, 6
Hackathon operator
- What is Hackathon?
- Hackathon is a team competition for programmers, designers and managers who solve a social or business problem in a short time.
- Can I participate alone, without a team?
- No. Only teams of 1-5 people can take part in the hackathon. It is not easy for one person to close all the competencies necessary for solving problems. But we can help you find a team.
- What to do to increase the chance to qualify?
- Fill out in detail the form in the registration system, provide all the necessary information, upload your CV (optional). The more details you fill out the questionnaire and the more accurately you tell about yourself, the more chances you have. If you are reading this, you definitely have a story to tell!
- I am a newbie. Can I participate?
- Of course!
A hackathon team requires different roles, including managers, pitchers, designers, and marketers. If you have expertise in any issue, it may come in handy. Just register and describe your experience - for sure you can be useful for one of the teams.

- I have not found the answer to the question, what to do?
- Write to us in the hackathon chat - we will be happy to answer questions and help.