IT platform and consulting for your perfect hackathon
For accelerators and corporates
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Our clients:
Why a hackathon?
For accelerators
- Find 5 solutions for a corporate pilot in 2 days
- Discover 20 startups for your funnel
- Involve corporates, experts, and mentors
For corporates
- Deliver your employer brand proposal (EVP)
- Hire the best IT talents
- Make a community around your IT solutions

IT platform for your hackathon
Registration of participants
Team building
Your own branding
We know everything about hackathons
Organized the biggest online hackathon in the world
250 teams
1200 participants
Organized the biggest offline hackathon in the world
Digital breakthrough (Guinness Record Holder)
3000 participants
Organized the first educational course based on hackathons
Skolkovo institute of science and technology
Made 10 startups and 3 pilots
We know how to grow solutions from MVPs to startups or pilots after a hackathon
Case studies
Lely Hackathon
For RockStart accelerator, Amsterdam

Aim: involve the community to innovate for solving Lely's agro challenge

Service: we provide hackathon platform and consulting for Lely hackathon with 100 participants from the Netherlands
For McKinsey & Company, International

Aim: deliver employer brand proposal (EVP) to data science community

Service: we provide full organization including hackathon platfrom for 150 participants from 33 countries
SkolTech hack
For Nvidia, Moscow

Aim: deliver employer brand proposal (EVP) to data science community

Service: we provide consulting for Nvidia hackathon at SkolTech University
Crypto Wallet Kickstart
For Bitgessel, International

Aim: find 10 solutions for cryptocurrency wallet

Service: we provide full organization including a hackathon platform for 120 participants from 5 countries
Our plans
$3 000
Consulting + Platform
$10 000
Full organisation
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